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Moving to Birmingham

Page history last edited by Kevin Rapley 14 years, 6 months ago

This page is to collect a list of things to consider when you are moving to Birmingham. Think about those tips that you wish that you had known before you decided to come to Birmingham, or perhaps let people know those unwritten rules of living here. Also, consider the practical things that you need to do when you move - council tax, bin day etc Once we've got access to the bccdiy.com site, we'll generated a tickbox service and a selection of research tools to allow for newcomers to birmingham to search and prepare their move.



> Here we can put a tool - psychogeography / places in Birmingham

>Qype.co.uk API (user generated place reviews and aggregator)



Timeline of activities to do before you move to Birmingham

Inform utilities (electricity, gas, water, cable) that you are moving.

When considering moving date: Are there any events on which may make moving difficult on that day, for example half marathon, other events when roads are closed.

Download a checklist (PDF) ?




Advice to consider during the transition

If something goes wrong: emergency plumber/window replacement and so on.

Self storage locations



Ongoing activities

- bin day

- recycling 

- council tax

- healthcare: register with doctor and dentist, possibly optician

- fitness: nearest pool, gym, park, exercise classes

- events

- bus routes

- freecycle?

- utilities 

- Internet access points?

- details of approved workmen (builders, electricians, plumbers)

Comments (3)

Jon Hickman said

at 3:19 pm on Sep 25, 2009

During the move - check list of things to do

Jon Hickman said

at 3:24 pm on Sep 25, 2009

chools/education, health info, travel/transport, info about where's a good place to live

where's good place to live, would it be poss to do say if my priority is good schools/healthcare/transport

That's awesome! Scrape info from student union websites about the entertaining/rowdy side of Brum.


How abt layered map showing schools, traffic, crime, services (DRs etc) & ho prices. Can be overlapped so people can chse ideal

where the nearest council-run gyms are, seeing as they are available for free use? #bccdiy

bccdiy welcome pack is great idea. Wonderful if configurable. Moving in for job, college, new school for kids etc.

Ed Russell said

at 3:42 pm on Sep 25, 2009

For younger workers you may also want to find a flatshare or similar so an area to post and respond to those (I have a new worker looking for a place at the moment!)

@Jon if we have any spreadsheets of data you want mapped we (co-op web in longbridge) have a product that I'm happy to use for free to help give you the interactive maps (MS Virtual Earth based). Let me know (@edrussell on twitter)

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