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  1. Buy bccdiy.co.uk to stop cybersquatting. 301 redirect to .com homepage
  2. NO follow all links out of site to stop spamming 



  1. Google Analytics implemented but not checked. please check data is being collected. 
  2. Webmaster Tools implemented and working -  Geotargeted to UK in webmaster tools
  3. Sitemap - create an autoupdating (nightly) xml sitemap i.e. bccdiy.com/sitemap.xml and submit to webmaster tools



  1. canonical urls - force www and / at end
  2. force lowercase all urls (I havent seen any upper, but dont know if this is intentional)
  3. decide on how friendly urls will be written - both http://bccdiy.com/pages/car-boot-sales & http://bccdiy.com/pages/educationnaturally/ exist. force dash between words.



  1. Try always use a single H1, and make it for the single unique concept of the page (this does not need to affect design)
  2. Ultimate goal should be: page title, description, friendly url and H1 should all reflect the unique concept of the page
  3. LOGO: very powerful to specify the alt attribute, image title and the file name. Be descriptive and keyword heavy.


Insite linking a la wikipedia


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